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Well, if you are an admin in OneFORM (the one who have signed up on behalf of institute) you need to know how the OneFORM will be helpful to your institute in managing online admission.

There are certain tasks you need to perform each year for admission. Let me list out the tasks you generally need to carry out during any admissions (online or offline). It may vary by institute but as a common procedure following are the major task performed by any institute during admission session.

  1. Inquiry Generation
  2. Addressing Inquiries
  3. Distribution of Admission Forms (Application Forms)
  4. Collection of Filled Admission Forms
  5. Scrutiny of applications
  6. List preparation of the eligible students
  7. Granting Admission to certain students and notify them
  8. Receive the Admission Fees as a token of admission confirmation

Now, when you are using OneFORM for your admission you need not to worry about any one of above mentioned tasks. OneFORM will provide you an interface where you will be able to perform these tasks very easily.

The OneFORM Flow

The OneFORM will work in the following flow.

As you have signed up for OneFORM, you are having two things ready for your institute;

  1. Your own Online Admission Portal and
  2. Online Admission Management Software

Now let me explain you the purpose of these two facilities

Online Admission Portal:

Your Online Admission Portal is a dedicated portal for your institute through which students can apply for admission in one or many programs offered by your institute. This is a dynamic portal, means, you will be able to Add/Change Instructions to the Candidate, FAQs, Course Seats, Dates etc… You can put all important information which you wish to communicate with candidates willing to get admission to your institute.

The portal is a gateway for the students. Once students will go through all the information provided on the portal home page, he need to signup to participate in the admission procedure of the institute. Once he signs-up he will be taken to the Student Panel where he will be able to view available course, view course specific details (seats, fees, date etc…), apply, pay form fees, check merit, finalize admission and pay admission fees, depending upon your selection of procedure and fees.

Online Admission Management Software:

Your Online Admission Management Software will help you manage your admission in OneFORM. The software will enable you to manage Pre&Post Admission Processes.

Pre-Admission: Setup institute Online Admission Portal by editing information such as Institute Name, Course List, Admission Date, Form Fees (if applicable) and other important information. Once you finalise these information you can make your course available live. Until you make your course live, students will not be able to apply. OneFORM will take care of the inquiries made for your institute so you will be given a statistical report for the students who have viewed your institute.

Admission: During your ongoing admissions you will be able to check the list of applicants who have applied in your institute. You can mark them eligible or ineligible by viewing their application form and attached documents. Once you reach the deadline of the application you will be able to generate and finalise the list of candidate either by merit list or any other criteria you choose. Once you finalise the list the students will be informed by email and SMS to secure their seats in given time. Once students will start confirming their admission you need to mark their confirmation in the software. On the basis of this marking the availability of remaining seats will be displayed in your portal. If you have opted to collect fees you will be able to view the amount collected in the software itself.

Post-Admission: You will be able to view the MIS reports after completion of admission period or even during the admission. The MIS Reports will include the admission register, seat matrix and fees amount collection.

In this way the OneFORM will help you manage your entire Admission Cycle. For the list of benefits you are receiving as an institute you may please refer our website

To summaries we are giving you a list of processes you need to do from signup to finalisation.

  1. Signup
  2. Login to Admin Panel
  3. Configure Your Institute
    1. Provide Institute Details
    2. Provide Location and other contact details
    3. Provide Bank Details
    4. Set Eligibility for each course
    5. Set Dates for Application and Admission Period
    6. Add More Course (Optional)
  4. Go Live
  5. Check the application received
  6. Eligible Students
    1. Verify Application
    2. Verify Documents
    3. Mark OK for Admission
  7. Generate Merit (Optional)
  8. Check admission confirmation made by applicants
  9. Mark Admitted to students who reports to college (automatic if you are taking admission fees at this stage)
  10. Print MIS Report and Finish the Process
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