When you are willing to conduct Online Admission for this admission session the OneFORM will empower you with necessary software and web portal.

Right beginning is half done!

Once you sign up for OneFORM as an institute the doors of online admission is open for your institute. All what you need to do is to configure your own system for online admission.

OneFORM is a platform where we have made Online Admission facility affordably available for the Schools, Colleges, University and Autonomous Institutes in  India. Institutes neither need not hire an agency to develop an online software for Admissions nor they need to outsource the process to conduct their Online Admission. At OneFORM platform institute can configure their process and conduct their online admission by their own withouth investing a single rupee in development of software or web portal.

What you will get form OneFORM?

We, at OneFORM, are committed to provide you an easy to use Software for Online Admission along with your Personalised Online Admission Web Portal at Zero Cost to your institution. Yes, the software and portal is provided Free of Cost, as long as you are not charging Admission Form Fee. If you wish to collect Fees, you will have to bare a nominal OneFORM charge for each application for providing you facility to collect fees online through our payment system.

Than what the institute is supposed to do?

The institute is supposed to

  1. Signup for OneFORM,
  2. Add Basic Details of Institute (Name, Address, Location etc…),
  3. Configure the process and
  4. Make the portal Live for students.

Once the portal is live institute need to publish the portal link amongst the students so that students can visit the portal and fill their admission form online.

The configuration of your own software is again made very easy. We have designed the interface in a way that a normal person having moderate knowledge of computer can configure the portal and process for an institute.

Let me explain the step by step process. 

Once you are signed up, you would receive an SMS containing your Username and Password to access the Admin Panel of OneFORM. To sign in to this panel go to www.oneform.in and click on the Signin link on the top panel. Enter your credentials (Username and Password) and sign in.

Once you are successfully sign in, the system will take you to your personalised administration panel form where you can setup your own admission system. Don’t worry, we have made the configuration very easy. The process of your personalization is simple 4 step process

1 >> 2 >> 3 >> 4 >> Go Live

You will find following menu in your Admin Panel

  • Dashboard
  • Process Config
  • Institute Insight
  • Manage Admission Portal
  • Manage Admission Form
  • New Admission Mngt
  • Fees Management


The dashboard will show you all important information regarding admission for this session e.g. number of applications received in each program/course of your institute.


Process Config.

In this section you will find the ways to process level customisation of your admission portal and admission system.  There are 5 (five) major items which you can customise at your end.

  1. Organisation Information (Name, address, map location, bank account details etc…)
  2. Eligibility Criteria (Set minimum standard / who can apply in your program/course)
  3. Admission Steps (Setup your own process-flow for the admission by including/excluding various admission steps)
  4. Additional Settings (Define Admission Process Deadlines or dates)
  5. Notification Settings (Set when to send notification to the applicant)

Once you are done with all these settings you can make your portal Live for students for application.


Institute Insight:

This section will allow you to enter key facilities available in your institute i.e. Library, Laboratory, Sports Club, Reading Room, Canteen, Computer Lab, Hostel, Transportation, Play Ground, Health Clinic, GYM etc…
You can also provide link to your YouTube channel, you can upload your prospectus, banner and 4 photos of your institute.


Manage Admission Portal:

You can communicate with all the students who will visit your online admission portal through FAQ and Instruction section. You can define your own FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and you can set your own instruction to the students. Untill you add your own FAQs and Instructions the portal will show default instructions and FAQs.


Manage Admission Form:

You can set your own label for different admission form fields. In this menu will allow you to change the name of default field with your own name as alias.


Now if you have gone through all above four steps your admission portal is ready to be published for the students. To make it live, go to Go Live and Choose the Courses you want to start publishing.

In order to help you in configuring the system we have kept a Chat Button in the Admin Panel. By clicking that button you will be able to talk to our representative through chat. Please allow us some time to review your request and reply your query as we have to deal with a huge number of admins throughout the day. If you are not getting reply in this session please bare with us, we will surely reply your chat. Check your email and chat window when you login next time.

Go Live

Once your admission portal is live then students will be able to visit your portal and sigup to fill the online admission form for certain courses. You will be able to view the list of the students and perform certain admission related activities for these applications. There is a dedicated option for admission management.

Admission Management:

The entire admission process will be handled in this section. All the important task of the Admission can be managed throughout the session from this section.

  • Applications
  • Document Verification
  • Merit List
  • Shortlisting
  • Student Reporting
  • Admission Register

Fees Management:

There are mainly two types of Fees involved in Admission. Admission Form Fees and Admission Fees. The management of both the fees is covered under this section.


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