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General FAQs on OneFORM

OneFORM receives zero registration charge. Registration process was, is and will always be free!

No worries, OneFORM is totally designed keeping in mind all the mobile features. We also provide mobile app through which you can login in your portal.

Sometimes, the mobile phone and email network may delay the delivery of the SMS and email for up to one hour. You may also try again by clicking on the FORGOT PASSWORD link to receive your password again.

File upload issues can happen due to number of reasons e.g. connectivity, failed connection, incorrect file format or file size larger than recommended. Typically mobile and wifi connections could experience these issues.

Yes. It is definitely possible to integrate admission system with your ERP. Using OneFORM you will be able to export various data like: Applicant list, Payment details, Personal details, Overall and Final list of candidates etc.

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