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Frequently Asked Questions for Institute

Have your own website? No worries. OneFORM portal will generate e dedicated Online Admission portal link for your Institute. You just need to place the generated Admission portal link into your existing website through which every candidate willing to apply for your Institute gets redirected in just a single click to OneFORM portal.

OneFORM receives zero registration charge. Registration process was, is and will always be free!

You donít need to create another OneFORM account. Sign Up process also receives your Email id into which one verification link will be sent through which you would be able to enter into the portal.

OneFORM allows conducting Admissions of multiple courses of same Institute type from same portal. For Example- If you want to arrange Online Admission for Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts from same portal at same time, it is totally feasible to do such things. But if you want to conduct Admission of Standard 8th of your School and Master of Arts of your College, it is not possible from a single portal. To do so you need to create another OneFORM account with Institute type as School and then have to follow the process.

Students can apply for your Institute Admission in Unlimited quantity. There is no bar for number of Students Application in OneFORM Portal. It is upto Institute Admin whether to restrict the huge rush of Students or not

Definitely possible, you just have to select multiple courses from the dropdown combo of courses at the time of Sign Up. Once you select the list of courses to manage Online Admission, OneFORM automatically creates a portal with multiple courses to apply from a single place.

It is very easy, Institute admin just need to add six basic details of Institute with which one verification Email and Mobile OTP will be sent to their registered email and mobile. This is it! Your account is created then.

Less than a minute! OneFORM generates automatic personalized Admission portal with just six inputs which you add during Signup. Here you enter basic details, on the other end your portal is LIVE to go.

OneFORM is not and will never be limited to only 6 basic inputs during the time of Signup. The actual side of OneFORM starts then after, Admin can edit almost every information of their Admission portal from a separate panel. Admin can also view dashboard, add fees structure, Bank Account details, Institute logo and other important documents, Admission Schedule, Notification settings, Instructions and Notes for Students. Admin can change portal color according to their choice as well. Rather than all these, Admin can define Admission steps with Payment/Challan process, would be able to add additional fields required in form, Eligibility criteria, Intake capacities, Merit rules, Mock rounds etc.

Just 24 hours. Every transaction which is collected by OneFORM will be deposited next day to Instituteís Bank Account with high security and accuracy. Institute shall receive a detailed transaction statement of all the payments collected by the system.

OneFORM gives an added advantage to every Admin to visualize their Admissions with interactive Dashboard facility. OneFORMís dashboard provides timely and up to the mark counts of number of students registered, No. of Applications, Payments etc. Hence from sitting at a single place, Admin would be able to monitor every activities going live.

OneFORM will surely allow you to edit every detail of your Institute from Admin panel. You can also add additional details about your Institute and would be able to upload Institute logo, Prospectus, Banner, Campus Photographs etc. You can also add facilities provided by your Institute i.e library, canteen, stationary etc.

OneFORM allows you to set Eligibility criteria individually as per the courses you have selected. You can allow candidates by permitting Gender, Minimum passing, Board, University, Category, Stream, Medium, Percentage, Age etc.

Holding great experience in Online Admission process, OneFORM possess in depth knowledge about each and every important details needed during any Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary, PG and UG Admissions. Hence OneFORM eases work of Institute Admin by setting such predefined form format according to the type of Institute selected during SignUp.

OneFORM facilitates Admin to change every label of the Admission form from Alias Settings in Manage Admission Form section.

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